Best way to Start Bitcoin Exchange platform Is White label a good Idea?


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A bitcoin exchange is a digital marketplace where traders can buy and sell bitcoins using different fiat currencies or Altcoins.
There are many features that can be included in an Exchange, which in turn depends on Your platform requirement, size of your business or number of transaction you look for or number of customers trading at a time, like
  1. Trade Matching Engine
  2. Integrated Web Crypto Wallet
  3. Customized UI & UX
  4. Buy and Sell order Book
  5. Cloud Ready Architecture.
  6. High TPS Trading ( Transaction Per Second )
And if you are new to the crypto business then White Labeled Cryptocurrency Exchange Solution is best suitable for you with all the basic features included.
White label solution which provides a ready-made technical product that allows other companies to easily set up a customizable exchange platform.
  • Boosts the reach of your bitcoin exchange white label business
  • Easy and a legal approach way to start a bitcoin exchange.
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